Designing for iOS: Resources You Gotta Know

Tuesday, 28 August, 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Heidi Helen Pilypas, Illuminated Bits

This talk covers design resources every new and experienced iOS developer and designer should know. Where can you get the best icons, fonts, vector assets, and images for your project? What kits are available to help mock up your UI? What software is there to use and what guides can help you perfect your design? Where do you even begin? Learn from South Australian designer, Heidi Helen, who has been designing apps for the last 4 years.

About Heidi Helen Pilypas

Heidi Helen has been designing apps for the last 4 years, including Stamp Pack, Boomerang: Double-Check Translations, and Capsicum. She previously studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. Considering herself a creative soul, she finds delight in the small details and pushing her designs to be the best user experience they can be.