Machine Learning …minus the Machine

Monday, 27 August, 3:50 PM to 4:20 PM
Mars Geldard, University of Tasmania

This talk covers some key Machine Learning concepts including classification, clustering and regression methods that are used in applications such as recommendation, detection and prediction systems.

Sound dense? Don't worry. We'll be doing simple demonstrations, and performing tasks on paper. It's crucial to understand the steps being done by a computer when you use tools like CoreML and CreateML in order to make informed decisions in the human-driven design and data selection stages that come before model training.

Pen and paper--or Apple Pencil and iPad--recommended. Enthusiasm for mathematics optional.

About Mars Geldard

Marina Rose Geldard, more commonly known as Mars, is a Computing Student from Tasmania. Entering the world of technology relatively late as a mature-aged student, she has found her place in the world: an industry where she can apply her lifelong love of mathematics and optimisation.

A compulsive volunteer at industry events, Mars also teaches artificial intelligence to first-year ICT students, hikes around in the Tasmanian wilderness, dabbles in research, and builds Game of Thrones in Minecraft.

Mars has been awarded the MJ Rees Prize (for excellence in Information Systems academia) at the University of Tasmania, and was an Apple WWDC Scholarship recipient for 2018. Mars is on the organising committee for /dev/world, after running the registration desk in 2016/17, and serves on the board for her state's branch of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Mars can be found on Twitter (@TheMartianLife) and at