How to Git Good: A Primer

Tuesday, 28 August, 1:25 PM to 1:55 PM
Louis Cremen, tappON

What is Git? Who is Git? I’ll do you one better… Why is Git? How do I commit to wrangling this beast? What is a master branch and why do I always feel like a slave? How do I sooth the merge conflicts inside of me and why am I always missing my head? What information will I fetch and cherry pick, and what will I push remotely? Does everyone find it this hard, or do they achieve this with some sort of git flow? Whether you’re a beginner using a Git GUI (SourceTree, Github Desktop, GitKraken) or an intermediate with a CLI, join Louis (@proxyblue) as we look at the foundations, best practices, cheeky tips and additional resources to help us Git good.

About Louis Cremen

Louis is an AUC and /dev/world veteran, one of three "Devery-worlders" who loves the Apple iOS development community. For the past ten years, he has galavanted around the world making apps, implementing mobile security systems and teaching development and security. He regularly tours the internet, helping hackers in The Many Hats Club, behind the scenes on a security podcast, and can frequently be found on Twitter retweeting new defence and attack tools making the world simultaneously safer and more dangerous.