The State of MVC

Monday, 27 August, 10:10 AM to 10:50 AM
Sande Harsa, Gavan Chan, REA Group

MVC is known for being an architectural pattern taught in universities that doesn't scale well in the face of iOS Development; in many situations, teams will quickly jump into using architectures that have become known by buzzwords, such as MVVM, VIPER, or Clean. This session will have everyone look at an existing project which is based on MVC, and explore some code changes and ideas whilst on the journey to discussing a wider-scale architecture shift/decision.

About Sande Harsa, Gavan Chan

Sande has worked as an iOS developer since January 2015. He started his career at Outware Mobile, working on various projects for many clients. Currently, he’s a mobile developer at REA Group, responsible for iOS and Android apps. He’s really keen on sharing his knowledge and looks forward to do so at dev/world.

Recently graduating from RMIT, Gavan has been a mobile developer from the get-go. Initially a developer consulting on multiple projects, and now working with a team on a single project, he is always keen to discuss neat ways to design architecture used in software which encourage resilience, scalability and ease of development.