Accelerated App Development Using CloudKit: Idea to Featured in a Week

Monday, 27 August, 5:10 PM to 5:40 PM
Patrick Murray

This talk covers taking an app from inception to Featured on the App Store in a week. Covering both technical and design decisions, this talk allows you to spearhead your app's success. We look at using rapid and continuous releases, participatory design, and CloudKit to accelerate the development of your next project. CloudKit is a simple yet powerful service that grows with your app. However, some pitfalls need addressing; we cover allowing your app to scale unconstrained despite these. We explore working with your customers and community to test ideas in public and release continuously to accelerate your next side project. Let's turn that app idea into a reality today!

About Patrick Murray

After he started hacking together iOS apps at age fifteen, Patrick has gone on to be a two-time Apple ‘World Wide Developer Conference’ Scholarship recipient. Patrick is a prize-winning hacker, challenging the best of the best at US collegiate hackathons. He’s a recent marketing and computing graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney and a co-founder of the open source initiative Pride Codes. While not programming, Patrick can either be seen skiing too fast, trying to vlog, or globetrotting; often all three simultaneously.