Ada on an iPad?

Monday, 27 August, 10:55 AM to 11:25 AM
Simon Rofe, Airbus Australia Pacific

This talk covers our experiences with porting Ada code to an iPad using a Third Party cross-compiler from AdaCore in conjunction with Xcode and Swift. The aim is to develop a simulator for existing avionics equipment to be used for training aircrew.

About Simon Rofe

Simon's early career began in shearing sheds in Western NSW - nothing to do with Apple's or software. He is now a Senior Software Engineer with Airbus Australia Pacific. After gaining a degree and PhD in Electrical Engineering, he worked as a Research Scientist at DSTO in Melbourne and a Vibration Engineer in Brisbane. For the last 18 years he has been involved in software engineering for avionics systems with Boeing and Airbus. More recently establishing an iOS software capability for developing training tools and electronic flight bag apps at Airbus.