Solving the Massive App Problem: Rearchitecting a 5 year old codebase

Monday, 27 August, 1:55 PM to 2:35 PM
Tim Oliver, Mercari Inc

As a tech company grows over time, so too does the codebase for its products. As much as we can try to avoid it, this can lead to growing technical debt, spaghetti code, and of course, the classic massive view controller problem.

This talk covers how we're solving these problems at Mercari for the company's flagship iOS app. This includes gradually migrating from Objective-C to Swift, network API architectural design, siloing code in frameworks, and a new spin on breaking up large view controllers.

About Tim Oliver

Tim's been an iOS fanboy since the iPhone 3G and a full-time iOS engineer since the iPhone 5. He currently works at Mercari out of Tokyo, Japan, and has previously worked at Realm and pixiv. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to the open source iOS community, and playing the occasional game of Splatoon.