Tuesday, 28 August, 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Thomas Verbeek, Xero

Every iOS developer should outgrow their Massive View Controller someday and long for cleaner architecture. This talk explores VIPER, an architecture that divides an app’s logical structure into distinct testable layers of responsibility. We’ll delve through the history of VIPER and its modular architecture components, analyse implementation variations across the industry and assess whether VIPER could be the dream architecture for your next iOS app.

About Thomas Verbeek

Thomas Verbeek is a senior iOS engineer at Xero in Wellington, New Zealand. A regular staple at AUC events, Thomas has given talks about photogrammetry, animation, volumetric rendering and other creative crossovers between computer graphics and iOS development. His current interests revolve around using VIPER to architect cleaner iOS app solutions.