Quality assurance and testing fundamentals for small teams

Sunday, 26 August, 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Jason Imms, The Machine QA

Most software developers will agree they could be doing more around testing and quality assurance, but struggle to justify the cost or time. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of the functional testing process, providing attendees with knowledge and skills to fill QA-related gaps in their team's processes, without breaking the bank. This will result in more QA being done, higher quality products, and a great foundation for employing QA personnel in the future.


  • Tool suggestions
  • Scoping and prioritising test effort for your project
  • Identifying areas of high defect likelihood
  • Making QA everyone's responsibility
  • Demystifying QA terminology
  • Fitting QA into your project management methodology

About Jason Imms

Jason Imms is the managing director of The Machine QA, a quality assurance contracting and consulting firm based in Hobart, Tasmania. Jason has more than a decade of experience working in software and games QA, as well as six years working as a freelance games and technology journalist for some of Australia and the USA's premier publications. He is a father of five, enjoys cooking over charcoal, and still tries to find joy in playing video games, despite testing them for a living.